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We’ve spoken a lot about the wide variety of choices a user has when choosing an app. No doubt, you know even better, how important it is for your app’s success to make it user-friendly and simply a pleasure to work with.

However, usability of the app is not only about an intuitive interface, clear design and a logical set of operations.

When it comes to mobile, one of the key aspects about app’s usability is its behaviour under different conditions, work simultaneously with several more applications, coexisting with tons of other signals on the user’s smartphone. Your user must feel absolutely comfortable working with your app, updating it or leaving it in the background.

This is why we’ve prepared this infographic. It’s a kind of a cheatsheet for mobile app developers and testers about all the factors that we tend to forget.

Look through those conditions to make sure your app is ready for all of them before the users prove the opposite:

UX Testing of Your Mobile App - an Infographic

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Marichka Baluk

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Marichka Baluk - Marketing Manager at TestLab4apps
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