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After posting an article about mobile app test automation tools we received a pile of letters and comments, asking for more detailed instructions. So, here you go: the manual for testing with Appium, top 1 tool according to your requests.

Today we’ll tell you what you need to launch automated app testing with Appium and where to get it. Dive in:

Requirements: What You Will Need

1. Mac OS X 10.8.5
Appium is more stable on this version of OS, but also works on latest Mac OS X versions
2. Xcode (latest version) with all downloaded simulators
3. Appium (latest version)
4. Android SDK with all downloaded android emulators with API 17 and higher
5. Eclipse IDE
6. Selenium JAR file
7. Android File Transfer application from Mac OS X

Now let’s dig deeper:


Download Xcode (latest version) from Apple App Store. You don’t need a developer account to do that.
After installing Xcode download all its simulators:
1. Open Xcode program
2. Click on “Xcode” button at top left side of the screen

Xcode preferences (1)

3. Click the “Preferences…” button
4. Download all simulators from “Downloads” window that will appear
5. Also download “Command Line Tools”, otherwise Appium will not work.

Xcode preferences (2)

Android SDK

Download Android SDK from
Go to Develop => Tools => Download => Download ADT for Mac OS X.
Install the ADT to Application folder. Install all emulators with SDK 17+
1. Open the ADT folder from Finder
2. Open “eclipse” folder
3. Open the “” program
4. Click the “Window” button from top bar
5. Click the “Android SDK Manager” button

Android SDK (1)

6. Check all API’s 17+ and the “Tools” and “Extras” folders and install them
7. Add ANDROID_HOME and JAVA_HOME by entering in terminal:

launchctl (and press the Return button)
setenv ANDROID_HOME /Application/adt-bundle-/sdk (and press the Return button) (path to SDK folder)
launchctl (and press the Return button)
setenv JAVA_HOME /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home (and press the Return button)

Android SDK (2)

Download: Android File Transfer application from Mac OS X from


Download Appium program from: => Downloads => for OS X => appium-x.x.x.dmg
Unpack Appium-x.x.x.dmg to Application folder.