More than 180 Test Cases

Testlab4apps has preassembled more than 180 ready-to-use test cases covering scenarios for usability testing, functional testing, system testing, performance and stress testing, negative testing, regression and compatibility testing, user interface testing, build acceptance.



One Report per App

For each tested app Testlab4apps produces an exhaustive report detailing identified bugs, blocking or non-blocking issues, vulnerabilities or areas of improvement.  Up to 20 different real devices are available for testing next to emulators covering a nearly unlimited combination of platforms, software versions, devices, screen sizes and test conditions.

Comprehensive and Concise

We’ve made the test results both comprehensive and concise, so that you immediately grasp the idea and conclusions by simple browsing.  Documentation is written according to IEEE 829 standards.




We’ll help you improve mobile application development. Get not only a test case results, but also practical conclusions and recommendations that help you reduce future rework efforts. We’ll help you integrate testing best practices into your existing development flow.

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