Testing significantly differs for native apps, web apps and hybrid apps. We choose the most appropriate testing approach taking into account amongst others functional complexity, platforms, supported devices, development environment and overall solution architecture.

Is your app developed for one platform only? Or for multiple platforms and software releases? Don’t look for separate solutions, our lab will do the testing on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Complementary to real phones and tablets, we use emulators for a complete range of devices allowing Testlab4apps to cover a nearly unlimited combination of platforms, software versions, devices, screen sizes and test conditions.

Our in-house technology lab is permanently equipped with a rich set of latest real devices. Our Testlab4apps research team follows platform standards and releases, new devices launches and development trends.

Your application should work irrespectively of network or location. Therefore Testlab4apps has access to remote devices for testing of your app. Let us know your location preferences and we’ll make sure that your users won’t experience any difficulties.

GUaranteEd quality

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