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TestLab4apps is a highly specialized service for testing mobile applications. We developed state-of-the-art testing methods applied within a well structured combination of manual and automated testing.
Our in-house technology lab is permanently equipped with emulators, simulators and a rich set of latest real devices (Android, iOS, Windows).


Meet the team

Volodymyr Smuk

Volodymyr Smuk – Virtualization and Emulation Specialist

Steve Jobs, the man who inspires me said: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” I totally agree with these words, and they are in my mind every time when I test the program to help you get a quality product.

Andriy Rudavskyy

Andriy Rudavskyy – QA Lead at TestLab4apps

Quality is vital for mobile applications where one poor user experience can reach thousands and even millions of users. That’s why I find it crucial to ensure smooth application functioning that drives user satisfaction, engagement and as a result customer’s revenue.

Ostap Plaksii

Ostap Plaksii – QA Engineer at TestLab4apps

I am passionate about innovation in everything – design, services, techniques. Quality is the main thing I demand from innovations. It can be reached by comprehensive and accurate testing. That’s why I find my job crucial for customers and an interesting challenge for me.

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